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Other PATSONICS Tooling Services

Plastic Assembly Technologies, Inc. manufactures a wide range of other tooling, including:

Spin Welding
- Also referred to as rotary friction welding, is often the joining technology of choice when assembling spherically or cylindrically shaped thermoplastic parts. In spin welding, one part, which has a circular cross section at the weld interface, is rapidly spun against its mating part which is held stationary in a nest fixture. The resulting heat that is generated by the combination of spinning action and friction brings the plastic material to its melt point and fuses the two parts together, producing a strong and impervious seal. Hermetic seals are also attainable depending upon the materials used and the weld joint configuration. While spin welding works with all thermoplastics, and can accommodate virtually any diameter part, it is particularly suited for crystalline resins such as polyethylene and polypropylene. PATSONICS has manufactured spin weld tooling for equipment manufactured by others.

Vibration Weld Tooling - The process of linear vibration welding (LVW) entails rubbing two thermoplastic components together at a frequency of 240 Hz using peak to peak amplitude of .035 to .070 of and inch to produce frictional heat. One part is held stationary in a stationary nest and the other part is driven in a balanced tool of a specific weight depending upon the manufacturer’s machine. PATSONICS has built tooling for the Mini and large vibration welders produced by others.

Part Assembly Tooling – PATSONICS experience with manufacturing tooling used for plastic welding machines also enables us to produce various assembly tools used by others in the production of their products. These tools have ranged from simple poured urethane tools to complex smart tools that verify part presence and create Poka-Yoke devices to help prevent workers from making errors in assembly. Our years of experience working in 3-D CAD and using FEA (Finite Element Analysis) has resulted in the development of a broad base of known good tool designs and the skills to implement the designs that are best for your assembly application requirements. We ask that you consider us for any assembly tooling that you may require.

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