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PATSONICS Hydrosnubbers

The PAT Hydrosnubber
PATSONICS Hydrosnubbers are used to decelerate the actuator descent at the point of part contact, resulting in controlled velocity during the ultrasonic operation.

The benefits of using controlled part contact have been proven for many ultrasonic applications. The ability to precisely control the actuator descent during the ultrasonic welding, staking, swaging or insertion application has resulted in improved appearance, consistent results and better performance.

The PATSONICS Hydrosnubber operating with a Branson 2000 ultrasonic welder
The PATSONICS Hydrosnubber operating with a Branson 910 IW ultrasonic welder

 Control of the actuator descent results in a "soft
      touch" that is required for many applications.
 Hydrosnubbers can be used to increase the
      actuator down speed prior to contacting the part.
      This results in an improved cycle rate.
 The PATSONICS Hydrosnubbers are easy to
      install on your existing Branson welders.
 No drilling and tapping is required to install the
      Hydrosnubber Models HS-IW & HS-IW+ on the
     Branson 900 or 2000 series integrated welders.

Hydrosnubbers for Branson 900 & 2000 Welders

Model HSIW for 900 & 2000 IW Series Welders

Model HSIW+ for 900 & 2000 IW+ Series Welders

Model HS-2000 for 900 AE/AES & 2000 AE/AED
Series Welders

Model HS-2000 HD (Heavy Duty) for 900 AE/AES
& 2000 AE/AED Series Welders

Hydrosnubbers for Branson 400 & 800 Series Welders

Model HS-1 for 400 Series Welders

Model HS-2 for 800 Series Welders

Model HS-8 for 814 Series Welders

For a PDF file with information on PATSONICS hydrosnubbers, click on: PAT Hydrosnubbers PDF

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