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PATSONICS ERGO FRIENDLY CYCLE START BUTTON SETS are used to initiate the start of your Branson 900 & 2000 series ultrasonic welding equipment and allow the removal of the welder from an automation line to activate the welder independent of automation system controls. This can be extremely useful when debugging an application problem or servicing a welder. The PALM 1 SET provides buttons with self-cleaning contacts that meet worldwide approvals and only require 1.4 lbs or 6.2 newtons to operate. The easy touch buttons used in the PALM 1 SET carry the CE mark, UL, CSA, CCC (Chinese) and TUV approval and make this set useable in almost any part of the world. The dual buttons are encased in aluminum tubing with machined end plates that protect and seal the internal wiring. An emergency stop button that meets EN418 and is compliant with SEMI is encased within the aluminum extrusion. The PALM 2 SET provides capacitive switches and includes the same emergency stop button and construction found on the PALM 1 SET. The buttons in the PALM 2 SET use body capacitance to activate the dual switches with a slight touch of the fingers. No force is required to operate the PALM 2 SET. Both sets provide cable compatible pre-wired connections for your Branson ultrasonic welding equipment.

Remote PALM Buttons
PATSONICS Remote PALM Buttons initiate the start of your Branson welding equipment. These palm buttons mount on most tables.
Remote PALM Buttons
PATSONICS Remote PALM Buttons for the Branson 900 & 2000 series welders are easy to install and
ERGO friendly.

Features of the PATSONICS remote palm buttons
 Built from aluminum tubing and aluminum plate
 Easily adapt to PATSONICS slim line
      welder table
 PATSONICS palm buttons initiate ultrasonic
      welder cycle
 All pre-wired for direct plug in to welder
 PALM-1 includes light touch mechanical switches
 PALM-2 includes capacitive touch switches
 Includes emergency stop button to
      terminate cycle
 Includes 9’ cable and D shell connector
 Includes mounting hardware

Part Number

Table Top & Slim Line Models


PALM button set with (2) light touch start
buttons and emergency stop button


PALM button set with (2) capacitive start
buttons and emergency stop button

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