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Patsonics Rigid Mount Ultrasonic Boosters

ultrasonic boosters
Most 20 kHz ultrasonic welders produce approximately 20 microns or .0008 of movement at the face of the converter when activated by the ultrasonic power supply. In other words, the face of the converter is expanding and contracting 20,000 times per second for a total displacement of 20 microns. There are not many applications for plastic assembly that can use such a small amount of motion to effectively melt the material. For a reference on the amplitude ranges required for most ultrasonic applications, view our PDF guide by clicking HERE.

ultrasonic converter booster horn

The two other components used with the converter to increase the amplitude level to a more workable level are the ultrasonic booster and the horn. The booster is simply a tuned horn with a nodal mount point that allows the converter, booster, and horn assembly to be held for the purpose of delivering the ultrasonic energy to the plastic part. The boosters are rated by the amount of gain they increase the 20 micron motion that is produced at the face of the converter. The typical booster gains are 1:1, 1.5: 1, 2:1 and 2.5:1. These booster gains are used to put the transducer, booster and horn assembly at the needed amplitude for a given application.

Plastic Assembly Technologies, Inc. offers a line of aluminum or titanium rigid mount ultrasonic boosters without spanner wrench holes. Boosters without spanner wrench holes result in a reduction of stress location points on the booster and provide for aluminum boosters that are less prone to fail. Additionally, these boosters are all of the same length, allowing the user to change the amplitude of the converter, booster and horn assembly without effecting the length of the assembly. Therefore, the amplitude can be mechanically changed without requiring significant adjustment in the welder setup. The rigid mount design reduces deflection during the ultrasonic welding process providing for less potential variation during welding. The boosters are priced to reflect the cost of conventional aluminum or titanium boosters, but provide a host of additional benefits. The boosters are designed to fit in Branson or Dukane ultrasonic welders using 3.250″ diameter ring mounts.

Model SV-1 stack vise

A model SV-1 stack vise is available to assist with the assembly and disassembly of horn, booster and converter. This device is very handy to use, easing the procedure of changing horns and boosters for different ultrasonic welding applications. It can be mounted directly to most ultrasonic welder base plates or remotely placed to an area more convenient for your use.

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