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Ultrasonic Plastic Welders
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Parts for Ultrasonic Welders

2000 Series Parts Used Boosters
Used Cables Used Converters
Used Dukan Branson Power Supplies Used Spare Parts

Plastic Assembly Technologies, Inc. (PATSONICS) offers new and used parts for your Branson and Dukane ultrasonic welding equipment.

Many times we have parts available that are no longer manufactured by Branson or Dukane. Perhaps you can benefit from our inventory of used power supply modules, DC power supplies, keyboards, programmers, system protection monitors, mother boards, transistors, relays, switches, fans, accessory interface modules, converters, boosters, horns, cables, connectors, actuators, load cells, dynamic trigger mechanisms, hubs, columns, and bases. We also provide many new parts including cylinders, valves, flow controls, start switches, mounting hubs and aftermarket converters for a fraction of the cost of new components purchased from the original equipment manufacturer.

Our experienced personnel are trained to assist you with your ultrasonic repair and maintenance needs. We will help you select the needed components or provide repair service for your Branson ultrasonic welders. If you are not comfortable making your own repairs, check with us for service of your Branson ultrasonic welders. However, if you prefer to do your own repairs let us help you select the part component(s) you need, so you can fix it yourself.

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