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PATSONICS Ultrasonic Welder Safety Sound Enclosure

PATSONICS Ultrasonic Welder Safety Sound Enclosure accommodates most major brand ultrasonic welders. The enclosure includes the PATSONICS Slim Line Welder Table providing a portable workstation.

Safety Sound Enclosure
Safety Sound Enclosure

The SSE System protects operators from potentially harmful ultrasonic noise, reducing sound energy by more than 25-decibels via a small chamber sound absorbing system. The front door automatically moves up and down providing easy front and side entry access for loading and unloading of parts. Large polycarbonate windows allow for clear operator visibility to the welding operation when the sliding door is closed. The welder cycle is initiated when the door is closed allowing the ultrasonic welder to be setup for optimum weld efficiency versus the welder contending with the speed of the enclosure door.

Features of the PATSONICSSafety Sound
Enclosure include:
 PATSONICS Slim Line Welder Table with
      drilled and tapped table top, swivel casters,
      power supply shelf and 2nd shelf for computer,
      fixtures, horns or other miscellaneous items.
 Direct compatibility with Branson Welders,
      and with other welder brands
 Attractive, light, but rigid construction using
      aluminum extrusions and framed sound
      reduction panels
 Superior construction and quality components
 Large Polycarbonate windows for
      operator visibility
Easy panel removal for access to welder
      or service
 Includes PATSONICS Palm-1 start and
      emergency stop button interface
 Integrates with PATSONICS Film Winders to
      prevent part scuffing

Part Number



Safety Sound Enclosure, Slim Line Table and swivel casters


Safety Sound Enclosure, Slim Line Table and C4 mount leveling casters

For more information on the PATSONICS Safety Sound Enclosure, click on: PATSONICS Safety Sound Enclosure

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