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Ultrasonic Welder Repair Services
Plastic Assembly Technologies, Inc. (PATSONICS) provides a variety of services to assist you with most of your needs when it comes to ultrasonic plastic assembly. A complete CNC machine shop and well-equipped ultrasonic welding laboratory allow us to help with the development of your ultrasonic welding application(s). Our lab machinery includes 15, 20, 30 & 40 KHz equipment for use in evaluating the tooling we’ve built for your application or for helping you develop your ultrasonic welding process. We have the expertise to recommend part design changes and to help you spot opportunities for improvement in your ultrasonic welding process. We don’t just rely on theory; we have real world ideas that help you successfully ultrasonically weld.

PATSONICS is adept at repairing Branson ultrasonic welders. Our experienced service personnel can handle the majority of your ultrasonic repair and maintenance needs at a cost that is approximately half of the original equipment manufacturers labor rate. We service most makes of Branson units, including Branson 800, 900 and 2000 series ultrasonic welders. In many instances, we can repair failed modules instead of simply replacing boards, offering additional cost savings.

PATSONICS offers new and used parts from an extensive inventory. We have parts available for the Branson model 8400, the Branson 900M/AE & AES and the Branson 2000 series ultrasonic welding machines. Typically our new and used replacement parts are sold at a discount to the original manufacturers’ price. Many times we have parts available that can no longer be acquired from the OEM after the ultrasonic product has become obsolete. In addition to servicing Branson ultrasonic welding equipment, PATSONICS repairs or replaces Branson 902J, 902R, 922J, 922R, CJ20 and CR20 converters. Our aftermarket converters are a direct replacement to the OEM product.

Frequently a standard ultrasonic bench welder will not work for specific applications. This requires special mounting hardware or custom weld stations and solutions to use the ultrasonic process. We are always pleased to assist our customers with a custom solution to help in the implementation of the ultrasonic process. We have manufactured many custom solutions that help our customers use the equipment in a way that benefits their needs.

More and more we find we have customers that are interested in simply having their parts ultrasonically welded by a company with a wealth of knowledge about the ultrasonic plastic welding process. Perhaps they don’t want to acquire the equipment or their volume is simply too low to justify the cost. Whatever, the reason, we would be pleased to provide you with a quote for welding parts if you fall into this category.

Ultrasonic Welder Repair Services
Professional Repair Services

Among other services, we provide:
 Application Evaluation
 Part Design Consultation
 Ultrasonic Welder & Converter Repair
 Ultrasonic Horn & Nest Design, Fabrication
      and Refurbishing
 Used Ultrasonic Welding Equipment
 Prototype and Pilot Production Runs
 Production Welding of your Parts
 Aftermarket Converters
 New & Used Parts for Your Ultrasonic
      Welding Equipment

In addition to these services, PATSONICS offers a proprietary line of plastics assembly products, To learn more please Contact Us.
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