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Ultrasonic Horns

Plastic Assembly Technologies, Inc. has the experience and knowledge to provide the 15, 20, 30 or 40 KHz ultrasonic horns and fixtures that work best for your plastic assembly application.


PAT manufactures ultrasonic horns in three distinct materials to suit. Titanium alloy horns, hard-coated aluminum alloy horns and hardened steel alloy horns. Titanium horns with replaceable tips are useful for insertion, spot welding and staking applications. Hard coated aluminium horns offer long life and high wear resistance. This is beneficial when welding glass or mineral filled plastics. In house contouring and duplicating assures that we will meet your delivery and specifications.

PAT utilizes state of the art FEA software and 3-Axis CNC machining equipment to produce high quality ultrasonic tooling. Using a finite element anaylsis program, PAT engineers design, analyze and simulate virtual tools that allow prediction of real world behavior.

PAT manufactures a wide range
of ultrasonic horns of various
frequencies, including features:
 Standard Horns
 Composite Horns
 Contoured Horns
 Full Wave Horns
 Vacuum Horns
 Nodal-Mounted Horns
 Carbide Horns
 Hard Coated Horns

Using CAD/CAM software, contoured surfaces can be machined in the face of the horn, fixture or other assembly tooling from customer supplied math data. Our CAD/CAM program opens most CAD file formats. The IGES translator in our software package recognizes the originating CAD software and adapts to reliably import IGES files generated by other systems.

PAT will provide you with a quotation for the required horn, fixture, vibration or other assembly tooling using your files. Upon placement of your order, we will use your files for production of your tooling without the need for a prototype.

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