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CompuWeld© Software

PAT’s exclusive CompuWeld© 2000 SPC software and Viewer are designed to enhance Branson 2000 Series and 900M/MA systems for data acquisition, data storage, real time statistical process control (SPC), and remote setup of a welding system.

XBar Calculated Values
SPC Raw Data and Calulated Values
SPC Setup Screen
Viewing Data in CompuWeld Viewer

 Displays weld data on monitor. Choose between
      eight view screens.
 Displays XBar and Range charts for weld time,
      energy, peak power, final position, weld collapse,
      total collapse (2000 Series only), weld force.
 Provides XBar, XDoublebar, UCLx, LCLx, UCLr,
      LCLr, RBar, tolerance, standard deviation,
 CP and CPK statistical values for
      welder variables.
 Gives red alarm notification of welder and
      SPC errors on monitor.
 Identifies specific alarm messages on monitor.
 Provides printouts of weld history, welder alarms,
      and statistical graphs and data.
 Data collected in CompuWeld can easily be
      exported into Microsoft Excel.
 Uses Windows conventions: navigation, opening
      files, printing, minimize/maximize windows, etc.
 Viewer: View data history. Format data for use
      as Microsoft Excel comma delimited file; sort,
      filter, additional math functions, create reports, etc.

Welder Compatibility: CompuWeld© systems may be used with Branson welders with external communication capability: 2000e, a, d, f; and 900M/MA Series power supplies, via ECI-1 External Communications Interface, data link cables, and J953 communications cables. The 900 M/MA power supplies require Version 11.XX or later MBOS; 900 AES actuators require 11.XX or later ABOS, and the ECI-1 requires 11.XX or later EBOS.

System Requirements: Pentium processor, Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP; 64 mb RAM min., 1 mb hard disk space for CompuWeld© 2000 and CompuWeld© Viewer; hard disk space for data files; 1,000 welder cycles = approximately 366 kb.

What’s Included?: CompuWeld© 2000 and Viewer CD, 1 hardware

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