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Used Ultrasonic Horns


    Occasionally, we purchase and resell used ultrasonic horns of a standard design that are suitable for use with other applications.  These are typically flat faced bar, cylinder, catenoidal or exponential designs.  When available a picture and the price of the used horn(s) will be posted on this page. 
    We currently have the following used horns in stock: 

    We have a QTY of (2) D2 steel 20 KHz ultrasonic horns as shown on the right below.  The selling price is $200.00 each.  These are ideal horns for ultrasonic insertion applications. 

    We have a QTY of (7) composite horns as shown on the left below. The back driver is aluminum and the front drivers are titanium. These might be useable to someone because the back driver is 7.5″ x 7.5″.  The horns are drilled and tapped for the front drivers, but the front drivers could be removed and there would be significant face area for welding large parts. There are total of (4) front drivers on the back driver.  If you can use them our selling price is $850.00 each.used-steel-20-khz-horns-128x1606used-20-khz-composite-horn-128x1603   




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