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Power Supply Brackets

PAT Power Supply Brackets are used to move your power supply (and other equipment) off your bench and onto your welder’s vertical column. Why waste valuable bench space accommodating your welder’s power supply? The PAT Power Supply Brackets can be mounted either horizontally (left-hand or right-hand) or vertically.

PSB-3 Power Supply Brackets, “Universal” (left-hand or right-hand) Horizontal Mount
PSB-1 Power Supply Bracket,
Vertical Mount

 Aluminum construction provides a strong shelf
area without excessive weight, which could upset
the balance of the welder.
 The power supply nestles within the rim, so that
it cannot be accidentally pulled off & damaged.
 The power supply brackets are available for
3.5″ and 4.0″ support columns.

When other auxiliary devices are used, we recommend mounting a bracket on both sides of the welder. Placing the right bracket below the ultrasonic welder elevating knob provides an ideal location for a printer or other process monitoring equipment.

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