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Ultrasonic Fixtures

Plastic Assembly Technologies, Inc. designs and builds custom ultrasonic fixtures for use with all brands of ultrasonic welders.


Our fixtures begin with a ¾” aluminum base plate with mounting slots and leveling screws. We then add your specifically designed nest made from machined aluminum, poured urethane, steel, or epoxy. We can build fixtures from standard drop pocket with finger pics to complex contoured nests with mechanical or pneumatic clamping with air eject. Shuttles and semi automated fixtures are also available.

PAT utilizes state of the art FEA software and 3-Axis CNC machining equipment to produce high quality tooling. Using a finite element anaylsis program, PAT engineers design, analyze and simulate virtual tools that allow prediction of real world behavior.

PAT manufactures a wide range of fixtures that are specifically designed to work with our horns for your application, including:
 Poured Urethane Fixtures
 Manual Rigid Fixtures
 Contour Machined Fixtures
 Clamping Fixtures
 Sliding Fixtures
 Automatic Fixtures
 Part Ejecting Fixtures
 Quick Tool Change Fixtures

Using CAD/CAM software, contoured surfaces can be machined in the face of the horn, fixture or other assembly tooling from customer supplied math data. Our CAD/CAM program opens most CAD file formats. The IGES translator in our software package recognizes the originating CAD software and adapts to reliably import IGES files generated by other systems.

PAT will provide you with a quotation for the required horn, fixture, vibration or other assembly tooling using your files. Upon placement of your order, we will use your files for production of your tooling without the need for a prototype.

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