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Ergonomic ErgoStation™


The adjustable table choice for your Ultrasonic Welder or other Assembly Process!

For People – The ErgoStation™ provides a work environment for the most important asset of your company, the people. An associate will typically spend 1/3 to 1/2 of their active hours each week inside their respective work zone. It is proven that an ergonomically pleasing work zone will yield less fatigue and therefore reduce potential injury. This philosophy is nothing more than simply bringing the work to the associate as opposed to forcing the associate to go to the work.

For Efficiency – Another key advantage to the ErgoStation™ is that it allows the associate to work smarter and therefore yield greater efficiency and throughput.  In short, a well designed, comfortable work zone provides greater efficiency, increasing bottom line performance.

For Durability – The key to the success of the ErgoStation™ is found in the design of the lift system. The Dual Drive and Quad Drive designs use precision ball screw mechanisms that provide the powered lift. This carries significant advantages over pneumatic, hydraulic and manual lift systems. A common concern with any lift system evolves around the concern of what might happen with the loss of the energy source. The powered precision ball screw units provide a positive stop immediately after the power is removed, regardless of whether it is intentional or not. This design also contributes to clean room friendliness, whereas safety and cleanliness are concerns with both pneumatic and hydraulic designs.

For An Ergonomic Advantage – The advantage of the powered systems over manually adjustable units is that they are truly utilized. Our customers have indicated that during startups and shift changes, the associate will almost always adjust a powered unit. However, a manual unit may not get used, thus omitting the ergonomic advantage.

When you consider the attributes of the ErgoStation™, it is easy to answer the question. The ErgoStation™ simply provides a clean, stable and safe working environment for your most valuable resource, the people.
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