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Slim Line Welder Table

Plastic Assembly Technologies, Inc. offers a lean slim line welder table that is designed to support your ultrasonic welding equipment. This lean style table provides a portable workstation for ease in moving the machine to and from your work cell. This table is designed for direct use with most ultrasonic welders. Why pay more for a special table or use a table not designed specifically for your machine? For the price of a welder base you can have a mobile table that fits your production requirements. Order your ultrasonic equipment without a base and purchase a PAT slim line table to save money on your ultrasonic welding equipment.

PAT Welder Table with Base
PAT Slim Line Table with Hub Mount

Features of the PAT Slim Line Table:
 Built from aluminum extrusion and aluminum
plate to easily adapt to all of PAT’s accessory
products and allow additional customization.
 Table top secured directly to the table frame.
Drilled and tapped to accept welder base, hub
mounts or fixtures.
 Only 20 1/2” wide, 31 1/2″ deep and 37 1/4”
all to table top.
 Table supports the optional PAT Sound
Enclosure for noise reduction or the optional
Safety Start Light Curtain System.
 Slim Table design Improves productivity.
 Includes locking swivel casters.
 Includes power supply shelf. Includes 2nd shelf
for computer, fixtures, horns or other
miscellaneous items.
 Includes slot at rear of table for routing
welder cables.
 Optional PAT part bins will position part
components to be welded close to the work.
 Optional PAT palm buttons to initiate
ultrasonic welder cycle.
 Optional PAT hub mount for welder columns.

Part Number

Table Top & Slim Line Models


Slim Line Welder Table


Optional (4) plate mount leveling casters


Optional hub mount for column support


Optional PAT start buttons include
2 start push buttons & emergency stop


Optional PAT start buttons include
two capacitive touch push buttons
and emergency stop


Optional Part bin rail part holder


Optional Safety Sound Enclosure


Optional Light Curtain Safety Start System


pro_weldertablefixture_th11 pro_weldertableswitch_th11 pro_weldertable_th11
PAT Slim Line Table drilled and tapped for fixture mounting
PAT Slim Line Table with Palm buttons for cycle initiation
PAT Slim line Welder Table

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